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De Karolientjeshoeve

Kruiskenstraat 3

9980 Sint-Laureins

tel: 0032/499334318

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 Welcome to our website!

Our goal with the Longhorns is to produce colorful cattle with correct conformation, impressive horns and easy temperaments. My second goal is to breed the longest horned bull or cow in Europe, even when it is just for a while. We are convinced that our Embryo Transfer program will help us to get there as we now have some of the most horn producing genetics within our reach.

Some of those amazing animals are JP Rio Grande, Starbase Commander, X Star and of course the 103.25 inch Total horn measuring Sequential Stars, shown below.

We specialize in transporting Texas Longhorns throughout Europe. Alpacas, goats and sheep, pigs and all other cattle can also be transported in limited numbers. Please contact us for further arrangements.


Texas Longhorn cow Sequntial Stars
courtesy of Star Creek Ranch

If you have any questions , just want to talk longhorns or even want to come over, just give us a phonecall or send us an email.

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