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De Karolientjeshoeve

Kruiskenstraat 3

9980 Sint-Laureins

tel: 09/379 04 72


2016 Longhorn Semen Special !

Afther we did some semensales troughout Europe we decided to do a Semen Special to be able to lower the costs of paperwork and transport for our clients with even the possibility of free shipping and paperwork !

How does this work?

All transports will be done in week 15 (11 - 17 april).

All advantages are only counting for semen of Dirk's Red Bull but obviously you can order Trip Wire semen at the same time (limited amount available).

Order = less then 10 straws: paperwork and shipping at 100 euro + VAT

Order = 10 straws or more: paperwork and shipping at 50 Euro + VAT

Order = 20 straws or more: paperwork + shipping = free !!!

For prices of the semen and further arrangments you can take contact with us!


Tip: You can make an order together with other longhornbreeders. When we can ship the semen to the same semenstation those orders will be calculated as one.

Dirk's Red Bull

Trip Wire